What Purpose Do Psycho-Educational Evaluations Serve?

Posted on: 25 July 2022

If your child needs any psycho-educational evaluations, the thought of these exams can at first feel daunting. What are psycho-educational evaluations, and what purpose do they serve? Who can give these evaluations? Why would your child need one?

Don't let the sound of psycho-educational examinations throw you off. These evaluations can be quite beneficial in helping your child reach their full potential and learn in ways that work best for them. Learn what these types of evaluations are, what purpose they serve, and why your child may gain access to one.

What are psycho-educational examinations?

This term sounds intimidating, but psycho-educational evaluations simply help you and your child learn what their developmental style and growth are like so they can be taught new things in ways that make the most sense to them. In short, these evaluations are done by professional therapists and child growth development specialists to learn what your child's growth strengths are as well as their weaknesses.

What purpose do psycho-educational evaluations serve?

These evaluations are meant to provide a guideline to help your child reach their fullest potential. The purpose of a psycho-educational exam is to help your child get the most out of their natural abilities as they can while also working to turn some areas they struggle in into strengths. If your child struggles with reading, speaking, math, comprehension, impulse control, self-regulation, and other developmental delays or educational delays, then a psycho-educational evaluation will help pinpoint areas of concern and also areas of excellence.

Once an evaluation is complete and studied, the results can help you understand how your child learns and what they need to work on so you can give your child a great chance at educational and life success. Without an evaluation like this, your child can continue to struggle or may overcome their weaknesses, but it may take more time.

Why would your child need psycho-educational evaluations?

Your child may be referred to a developmental or behavioral specialist if they are struggling in school or are behind in normal developmental advancements, such as speaking, coordination, or walking. A specialist can give these exams, which can be done in a series of testing settings. The results will help your child's doctor, educators, and family learn how to help your young one excel at areas they are good at and grow in areas they are still learning in. These evaluations need not be frightening or alarming in any way and can be done upon request or recommendation.