Three Reasons To Become A Lifeguard

Posted on: 6 January 2023

If you're a physically fit person who enjoys swimming, you might pursue this activity whenever you have an opportunity. You may also wish to think about a career that can keep you around a swimming pool. One such example is working as a lifeguard. Whether you're interested in working as a lifeguard on a full- or part-time basis, you'll first need to seek out an accredited training program in your area. This program will give you the education you need to begin working in this role. Here are some reasons that you might wish to become a lifeguard.

Ability To Help People

A lot of people love finding jobs in which they're able to help others, and there are few positions that give you the ability to help people in the same way as working as a lifeguard. This is a job in which you can save people from serious injuries and even death. Whether you pull someone out of the water when they're struggling to swim or you perform first aid on someone who has hit their head on the hard edge of the pool, you'll have a major impact on people's lives.

Opportunity To Work Outdoors

Working outside is appealing to many people, particularly during the pleasant months of summer. Getting trained as a lifeguard and beginning to work in this position can give you an opportunity to spend the entirety of your workweek outside in the sun. For example, you might work at an outdoor community pool or at a local beach. While you'll get a reprieve from the sun by sitting under a large umbrella on your lifeguard chair if you wish, you'll enjoy the warm summer air, getting a tan, and not feeling stuck in an office job when the weather is nice.

Ability To Work In Many Locations

Being a lifeguard gives you the ability to work in all sorts of different locations, even on a part-time or contract basis. For example, if you become a lifeguard as a teenager, you might soon be moving away to college. Many colleges have aquatic centers, and working as a lifeguard in this environment can give you a chance to earn some money during your studies. You may even wish to seek out work as a lifeguard at a resort or on a cruise ship. To take a step toward working as a lifeguard, look online for a lifeguard training program.