How a Daycare Program Can Ease the Transition Into the Real World

Posted on: 5 December 2017

Dropping your kid off at a daycare center or preschool can be bittersweet during the first few days, or even weeks. However, the decision to do so will benefit you both in the long run. Your kid will receive valuable training to prepare them for the real world, which will make you a proud parent.

Development of Social and Emotional Skills

Daycare may be your kid's first experience of being cared for by someone other than you. This exposure in itself is a learning experience for your kid where they will learn how to trust, share, and interact with other kids. Your kid will also learn to view other adults as mentors and positive influences in their lives.

Understanding of Structure

Your kid will also get firsthand experience in a structured setting with adult supervision. The program usually operates with a schedule so your kid will learn the times and lengths of various activities. In preschool, kids are taught to behave properly and be less disruptive. They learn simple rules like walking in a straight line, following directions, and keeping regular routines.

Development of Learning and Cognitive Skills

While learning can seem like all play for your kid, the activities are geared to setting a solid educational foundation for them. Your kid will learn literacy and math skills. They'll hear stories and learn how to create their own. They'll explore and learn science. Through these types of activities, their vocabulary will expand, concentration will increase, and they will be encouraged to explore and ask questions.

Sense of Independence

At the preschool age, kids' awareness of themselves and their abilities are beginning to develop. A good daycare program fosters this by engaging kids in independent activities. Kids are taught to complete tasks on their own, experiment and solve simple problems under the guidance of a teacher or caregiver.

By the time your kid is about to start kindergarten, they may be able to go to the toilet on their own, feed themselves, and possibly tie their own shoes. You will be amazed to see the boost in your kid's confidence and self-esteem.

When you register your kid in a good daycare program, you are investing in their future. They will have a great appreciation for school and learning through fun and engaging activities. Most importantly, they will receive excellent training for life. Reach out to an educator in your area to learn more.