Four Reasons To Enroll In Driving Lessons Over 50

Posted on: 18 July 2017

Driving lessons, driving permits, and driving licenses are certain rights of passage that many teens look forward to for years. Going through this process allows them to achieve a certain level of independence. Unfortunately, as you age things can change that may make you want to back through a driving school. If you are over the age of fifty here are a few reasons why you may want to consider taking driving lessons over again.

Gain Insurance Discounts

Did you know that if you are over the age of 50 and complete a defensive driving class you may be able to qualify for lower insurance premiums. This is because statistics have shown that once you complete the course you are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors that are more likely to lead to an accident. The availability and amount of these discounts vary from company to company. These classes will normally teach you the following:

  • Various defensive driving skills
  • Adverse weather driving techniques
  • Rules of the road and more

Once you pass the class you will receive a certificate that you then send to your insurance company. Most companies will only allow you credit for one of these classes every so many years, and will only apply one defensive driving discount per vehicle. Call your insurance agent to see what your company offers.

Assess And Monitor Your Driving Skills

Reaction time is vital when you are behind the wheel, but did you know your brain's reaction time starts to decline by the time you turn 24 years old. This is not the only change that takes place as you age; your vision deteriorates, your muscles stiffen, arthritis sets in and much more. All of these changes can affect the way you drive and how safe you are behind the wheel.

While you may suspect that you have lost a few skills behind the wheel, enrolling in a defensive driving class allows someone else to assess and monitor your skills. As trained driving instructors, they all be able to not only evaluate where you are with your driving skills, but they will be able to give you tips to improve your skills.

Learn New Driving Behaviors

While the basic skills of driving may remain the same, a lot of things have changed over the years that impacts your driving behaviors. For example:

  • Multiple distractions
  • Cars have more features
  • More cars on the road, etc.

A defensive driving class can help you learn how to avoid or ignore these distractions, utilize your features, and manage the additional traffic while you are behind the wheel. The driving instructor can help you to become safer behind the wheel, which in turn should make you more comfortable. 

Help You Decide If You Are Ready To Give It Up

Deciding when you are ready to give up your keys can be a difficult decision for both you and your family to make. Many times you often end up driving longer than you safely should just because you are afraid of giving up your independence and your children don't quite know how to tell you that you are no longer safe. Driving lessons can help you discuss your concerns, show the instructor your skills, and have a conversation with a neutral third party on whether or not you should continue to drive.

Call your local driving school and see what type of defensive driving classes they offer for seniors. You may be surprised to find that these classes are in high demand. If you choose to enroll, the new skills you learn may easily keep you from being involved in an accident.